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RapidPress offers:
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Folder Gluer Operator

Requirements: experience on machines gluing cardboard boxes: disk or nozzle. Straight-line, double-wall, auto-bottom. Examples of machines: Bobst Domino, Media. Chinese: SBL

Schedule: 4-2-4 (4 day shifts, 2 days off, 4 night shifts). Work with an assistant at the reception.

Responsibilities: the operator adjusts the machine and ensures uninterrupted operation. The assistant catches the glued boxes and puts them in a box.


  • Work on the latest KBA Rapida 105 (5 + L) 5 paints with varnish section ALV2
  • Adjustment of offset forms, color output
  • Fulfillment of the estimated task in a timely manner, subject to quality
  • Compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance of the printing press.
Candidate Requirement:

  • Education - secondary specialized.
  • Work experience as an offset printing printer - from 2 years.
  • Adequacy, conscientious attitude to work.

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